Our Story

EnePharma Inc., a small clinical-stage drug development company, was incorporated in Delaware in June, 2019 as a US subsidiary of StaGen Co., Ltd.  (Japan).  The company founder, Dr. Naoyuki Kamatani is an expert in statistical and bioinformatics analysis of the associations between genes and diseases. Among numerous publications, he has authored 34 Nature and Nature Genetics papers.  Based on that expertise, he has developed a combination drug to enhance cellular ATP (energy) for treating various diseases that are related to energy dysfunction, including Parkinson’s disease and mitochondrial disease.  StaGen has performed early phase 2 studies of Parkinson’s disease (n=26) and mitochondrial disease (n=2) patients in Japan, and obtained promising results. EnePharma is now raising capital to perform additional clinical trials in the US. In the future, EnePharma also aims to develop drugs to suppress aging (anti-aging drug) and elongate the life span.